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Wonder City, Kyoto #1

Wonder City, Kyoto #1


Kyoto is a city where the finest techniques and artistic masters from all over Japan are integrated.

Its history, the formation of the city, the teaching of spirit and traditions, architecture, crafts, food, textiles, calligraphy, martial arts, performing arts,... People who create uniqueness in the many fields in which we operate and in everything we do nowadays, or even more so, and who carry it on for hundreds of years.


Kyoto is dotted with many different temples, each of which reflects its own architectural and garden techniques and aesthetics, and is a proud example of the flowering of civilization.

One of the most famous gardens is The Katsura Imperial Villais an Imperial residence with associated gardens and outbuildings in the western suburbs of Kyoto, Japan.

Many people from around the world come to see the beauty of the garden and its architecture, which is highly regarded as a masterpiece of Japanese gardens.

The palace originally belonged to the prince of the Hachijō-no-miya family. The Imperial Household Agency currently administers the site. Although the Imperial Villa itself is not open to visitors, public tours of the gardens are available by appointment.

Imperial Household Agency Website

The Katsura district of Kyoto has long been favored for villas, and in the Heian period, Fujiwara no Michinaga had a villa there. The members of the Heian court found it an elegant location for viewing the moon.

The Katsura Imperial Villa is a good example of the essence of Japanese traditional design. The Villa combines principles usually used in early Shinto shrines and merges it with the esthetics and philosophy of Zen Buddhism.


On one hand, there are national treasures such as Katsura Rikyu that are maintained as national treasures, and on the other hand, there are family traditions that are preserved as a citizen's community.

And it is the families who keep those traditions alive. It is because of them that Kyoto has not faded away and has preserved its wonderful style.


A tsuboniwa garden is a style of garden that uses a small space in a Kyoto machiya (townhouse).

Tsubo-niwa: Life Enhanced by Quintessential Spaces - Core Kyoto


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